Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Here's a Tip Lisa Sent To Deadspin

re: Michael Jordan

This guy is obsessed with the doggie position after our first night affair - notice with Barkley and now with this brunnette chick - same thing and same position. He is throwing it in my face - like see this could have been you.

I even sent him pictures before his trip with the suggestion and then told him places that I wanted to go -

He is obessed wit acting out with other people - since he is such a game player.

The truth is - he is an azz!

He would look down at his dick - and say he does not care - to me. Like, if I am not with you, there will be another.

Just last week, someone wrote on my blog - that we never shared vacation spots under the alias 23 - so, somehow if he thinks that I wrongs him in some way - he retaliates....
and must have known that this pictures would wind up on the internet of him with the little girl.

Great picture - even better comments. He told me that a lot of people do not like him - NOW, I NEVER FIND MYSELF SAYING - wonder why.

Lisa Miceli

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