Saturday, May 5, 2007

Lisa Wants to Sue MJ


I just want to sue Michael Jordan for damages - I will fazz over the other contracts that I have.

Here is the point, no, it will not go away - the harassment once I establish paternity on my son for numerous reasons:

1. MJ cheats on his women - so that being said, there will always be paperizzi taking photos of him nad throwing it in my face.

2. MJ is a huge superstar - a world famous athlete and te most popular in the world - so he will alsways get face time in the press. I can never live up to that and what he was accomplished in his career.

3. For those reason, I need to sue him civilly for damages as a direct result of the relationship - his false promises and the baby is part of it - as he told me to get pregnant and when I tought of terminating the pregnancy - Fred Sperling said, MJ is nOT telling you what to do as if he was totally indifferent to me and my situation. VERY VERY CRUEL STANCE TO TAKE WITH ME after he told me to get pregnant and that we would have a life together. I just followed through with the plan - and he invited othe people to his parties and treated me like I was solely for his sexual pleasure and then did not even invite me to his birthday party - are you kidding me??? When he chose me to date???

So, that is what I need a lawyer for intense and extreme cruelty - for a relationship with Michael Jordan. OK??? That money alone would provide for Dante Michael and then I can meet a nwew man and not worry about MJ and/or any confrontations with him and another man when I have happily moved on - life is way too short for all of the drama.

MJ thinks that he has game - I think that he is cruel.....

I sent a check, if you cannot do this then please help me find a lawyer that will -

Dante's child support action was reviewed by a Philly lawyer - and he said it is malpractice - the whole thing - over litigated or NOT - which he said, NOT - the major aspects of the child were not even litigated. He said that Fred Sperling is trying to pull a fast one - plain and simple and walk all over my rights. How can it be over-litigated when they did not even do what they said that they would do - with regards to the paternity testing and his other promises - it shows that MJ falls short of his promises even in front of lawyers. The original promise was to do it in person and at the same lab - a man holding his own child is a pwoerful indicator of how well he will be as a father and whether or not he would lie and dodge a paternity test..... according to PA law. The DNA test is not everything - it is one piece of the puzzle.

The people at - do we even know what they want?? It could just be money to clear my name - which is extortion not trying to help with a paternity matter that was supposed to be confidential in the first place - according to my contracts with MJ.

MJ gets paid if my child's files are leaked - FUNNY?? Sorry but I smell a scam.

Lisa Miceli

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