Saturday, May 5, 2007

TO Mj's Attorney

I never stopped having an affair with MJ.

The problem is - I cannot get to MJ in time - before an internet or media blow out -

due to money.

I am trying at my jobs - and I am tied up in litigation. I also cannot drive legally - and I am trying to get that cleared up too. Why I got all of those tickets - I put my theory on my blog... what a nightmare.....

MJ has to make some efforts.

Bring Charles Oakley to my house in Meadville, PA if he has too..... I am serious.

My dad smokes cigars.

I also have a police officer that MJ can call - his name is Tom.... he can escort MJ to my house. He knows where I live.... and he is a very very nice guy.

If I ever get money - I will ask him to be my bodyguard... he is that awesome as far as my ability to trust him.

I am worknig to get this stuff off of the internet - and I can't get anyone to do it....

Not my web-site - the other one...

Lisa Miceli


wndrchic said...

Someone needs to contact this Tom guy & direct him to this website. Charles Oakley? WTF? Did MJ offer her to sleep with his buds or something? How come I'm starting to get that vibe? anyone else...???

Anonymous said...

I think Senorita Loca is trying to get at MJ anyway she can now. This 'jacking is uglier than the others!

Anonymous said...

Look Lisa

Maybe you should just give it up. He has already taken 2 DNA tests and they both came back negative. Think about what other black man you had sex with and it could be him. And he didnt put a gun to your head and force you to hae sex with him. He was Jordan, and you were like "OH MY GOD"!! You knew he was married because the whole world knew that he was married when you did it. Smarten up. Stop blaming the guy for a decision that was obliously yours. You could have said no and saved yourself all of the internet embarrassment. Maybe you like the attention, who knows but if you are truly a scorned woman the best way to deal with it is to move on. Find another man to help you take car of your child and have another one with that man. Settle down and get married. Writing blogs about your affair with MJ is not helping you at all.
I hope that you get some help and realize that you are fighting a losing battle